Imagine America

 If you were to imagine your idea of a perfect America what would it look like?

The Imagine America Project asks you to do just that.

We are living in times of political and social polarization and many people of good will are searching for common ground, depth of meaning and how best to realize this grand experiment called America.

We are asking as many people as possible to contribute their thoughts and visions of their ideal America.  Please respond in the box below.

We would also love to have you send us an image that you feel represents your vision.  Please email a jpeg attachment to:  
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Selected responses will be shown at Manna Gallery in Oakland, California.  Responses will also be available to view on this website.

Thank you.

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                                       Visions of America    

I want to live where everyone simply does their best to make the world a better place. Sounds simple? Imagine if each person had a support system of people who will be there for you....will not let you fail.

                                           Jan Stamos

I would like America to have a huge Middle Class who feel secure in their future and that of their children. A place where HOPE is not useless. Where people of different viewpoints, religions, skin tones, all feel safe and respected. And a place where we all understand that a majority of us came from elsewhere in the recent history of our families.   


We imagine an America where all people have empathy and kindness towards one another and exhibit true equality and understanding among the many diverse peoples who live here. Americans would have a deep seated respect for one another and also for this nation in which we live. Our leaders would stay true to the oaths they took when entering office to uphold our Constitution and to govern in the best interests of those they represent.

                                  Bob and Susan Maute

Our America on Ice! Written on a train in the Bronx, NY, USA. People have immense good will toward one another. The world is teaming, pullulating even, with extreme and outrageous amounts of affection and generosity and kindness. Kindness is the first and last thought of every single person on the planet. All are well disposed toward me and toward one another. And by all, I mean all people known and unknown to me. Creative juices flow always, and masterpieces wrought by joyful hands and hearts replace befogged and befuddled misdeeds. All feel the connection with their fellows. The first thought is kindness. The second is love. The third is I appreciate. The fourth is I honor. The fifth is I respect. The sixth is how can I help? The seventh is you are wonderful. The eighth is aren’t we all lucky? The ninth is you are all so fabulous, every one of you. From all this love flows material abundance and laughter. If a child desires a toy, if an adult desires an instrument or anything, that thing is available. And all these desires are deep--they throb and expand outward from the deepest chord within.The surroundings for all are heavenly. There is a stillness that pervades even where there is motion. The food is healthful and delectable. There is matchless vigor shared by young and old alike. The impulse to give arises repeatedly and is never squelched. The impulse is quickly acted upon with nothing expected or even desired in return other than the joy and further happiness and further fulfillment of the recipient. On the ice rinks, the ice skaters find themselves surer in their strides. The skates feel gentle and comfortable against their feet. They love the nip in the air and love and appreciate the ice itself as if she were a goddess as they glide upon her. All that they attempt they succeed at. Or should they wish for the satisfaction of accomplishment preceded by steady practice and work, then they know those sorts of satisfactions. Each person understands her or his or their own preciousness to such a degree that all fear and malice are obliterated. They become extinct. The internal sure knowledge of validity extinguishes fear, possessiveness, false pride. All are like the child, toddler really, on the grass hill. 

                                              Lael Gold

My vision of America is the one that I was promised and believed in and when I was a child growing up in Northern Illinois. The 1960's were full of turmoil, but also full of promises. Full and equal treatment for women and minorities has yet to happen. We were brought up to believe that hard work would bring the promised prosperity which was supposed to be even better than our parents enjoyed, My vison for America includes fulfillment of those promises. My vision includes creation of better and more humane political and economic systems than we currently have. Something more humane than a capitalist society where greed controls politicians and wealth isn't concentrated in the upper 1%. I envision an America were the majority of people are not dependent on the whims and leavings of the rich. There are other countries that have socio-economic systems that could serve as good models. My ideal America wouldn't make me feel so ashamed of being an America that I want to go live somewhere else. 

                                    Therese Van Wiele

My ideal America would be a safe place where people of diverse race, culture, religion, gender and politics could live peacefully with each other. Wealth would be equated with a kindness quotient. We would learn from each other through respectful communication and exchange of ideas. We would have opportunities to hear the back-stories of each other’s lives and find how alike we are in our wish for peace, safety, harmony and happiness. I want to believe it can still happen.

                                               Rose Mark

 My vision of America is a country that continues to respect the dreams of people from other parts of the world who wish to find a better life in the United States. 

                                            Ron Tanovitz

In my vision of a perfect America, we have amended the Constitution to state our "Right to Remain Human," reframing the concepts behind the 5th Amendment to shepherd humanity, integrity, and relationship to each other. To this effect, I have rewritten the Miranda Warning, to illustrate what Justice might look like under this system: "You have the right to remain human. What you say can and will be heard by people who care about you. You have the right to kindness, dignity, and connection to others. If you have caused harm through criminal intention or negligence, you have the following obligations: to listen and make reparations to the extent that you’re able; to reveal your life openly to assist in preventing future harm; to commit yourself to a path that prevents repeat offense. If you are not willing or able to meet your obligations, your freedoms will be restricted to ensure public safety. Do you understand these rights and obligations? With these in mind, do you wish to speak openly about what happened and why?" If anyone wishes, please feel welcome to reprint the Right to Remain Human text. No permission is required. 

                                 Kim Vanderheiden

My ideal America would be inclusive, not only of peoples and cultures from around the world, but also of the natural environment that surrounds each of us. My watercolor paintings focus on nature in all it's wild and untamed beauty. Nurturing an appreciation of our diverse planet, and a commitment to sustainability are integral to my vision of of the ideal America.

                                     Eve Tanovitz

Batgirl and Robin, Oil on canvas, 72x48” 2016 is my vision for America. I raise my daughters to embrace friends of all color, work together like strong superheroes, and fight for goodness in the world.

                               Christine Ferrouge

First of all, I'm a big Game of Thrones fan. So "head on a spike" is the norm in Game of Thrones!!

To start...
ALL lobbyists will be a "head on a spike". Period.

All political parties will be banned.
Every politician will no longer be a republican or democrat or ??
They will all have a number from one to ten behind their name.
One being the most conservative and ten being the most liberal.
This will eliminate the stalemate in Washington.
The high numbers and the low numbers will always vote to their beliefs, but the numbers in the middle will be able to swing their vote either way with no repercussions from any political party.

Now that I've fixed Washington, in my ideal America, there's food on every table, a job for every American, and a poodle in every home!

                                   Derek Van Beers

My personal vision of America is one where all people are given the opportunity to succeed and better their lives. A quality public education system would be one way of reaching that goal. Free secondary education would be another way. My vision of America would also be a nation that goes to "war" against poverty, homelessness and racism. My vision of America is one where housing, food and health care are a given, a right of every person. My vision of America is where no one is left out, every person is valued and encouraged to be the person they dream of being. 

                                         Dan Weber

My vision of America is a society where all people are given the basic needs to live a healthy, happy and safe life. Freedom of expression and dissent is also a right. Everyone basics needs are provided for by our society from birth to death.

                                         Karen Sergi